Welcome to the Perth Chess Club

The Perth Chess Club meets Wednesdays from 7pm at the North Woodvale Primary School, 4 Chichester Drive, corner of Trappers Drive, Woodvale (opposite the Woodvale Tavern).
Information about the club, including a map of its location, is available on the <Club Info> page.
For further information contact Rob Maris, phone 0434 018 624 or email <rob.maris@perthchessclub.org.au>.
The <FIDE Laws of Chess 2018> are available for viewing by following the link.

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2019 Bernard Anton Shield (2)
Report by Rob Maris: "The Bernard Anton away match was played on 11th July at the Metro Chess Club. Many games were closely fought but in the end Perth Chess club prevailed by the narrowest of margins 18. 5 to 17.5. As usual a sporting camaraderie prevailed throughout the match. After four years the club has regained the Bernard Anton Shield with an overall win of 43 to 29."

Upcoming events (from Rob Maris).
Please note the following re the next few weeks (see revised calendar below):

5 June: No chess club (school hall unavailable).

12 June to 10 July (no catch-up night): 6 Player Divisions tournament: 60 mins plus 30 secs per move, enter via email by 8pm Sunday 9 June.

Upcoming events (from Rob Maris).
Please note the following re the next few weeks (see revised calendar below):

12 June to 10 July (no catch-up night): 6 Player Divisions tournament: 60 mins plus 30 secs per move, enter via email by 8pm Sunday 9 June.

2019 Bernard Anton Shield (1)
Report by Rob Maris: "The Bernard Anton home match was played on 29th May against the Metro Chess Club. The result was a significant win for the Perth Chess club winning 24.5 to 11.5. This is the first time the club has won their home match in four years. The return leg will be held at the Metro Chess Club on Thursday, 11th July, when no doubt Metro will make a concerted effort to retain the Bernard Anton Shield."

2019 Club Calendar
A revised PDF version of the <2019 Perth Chess Club Calendar> is available for viewing and printing. The web version has been discontinued.

2019 Club Championship
This 7 rounds, ACF and FIDE rated, Swiss tournament, which ran from 10 April to 22 May, is completed. The time control was 70 minutes plus 30 seconds per move. The Director of Play was Rob Maris. From Rob Maris:

"The Perth Club Championship was a 7 round swiss that attracted 31 players competing in a pleasant atmosphere. This was won by Juan and Rob on 6 points just ahead of Derwent on 5.5. 1st U1700 was Chirag with 5 (wins against Alex, Ned, Robin). Equal 1st U1200 was Ernest (draws with Wolf and Ben), Jamie (win against Marcus), Brian Overste (win against Tom). As a result of this tournament new players Chirag, Kelly and Bruce will gain their first ACF ratings, plus several players will also obtain a FIDE rating. Ratings will be updated for all active players in early June and be used to allocate players into the 6 player divisions."

Below is the final crosstable supplied by Rob:

Perth Club Championship
myTown - 10/04/2019, 22/05/2019

 Cross Table at round 7

 ID NAME                 Rtg   T  Fed  Pts |   1     2     3     4     5     6     7  
  1 Maggs,Derwent        2181      WA  5.5 | +W16  -BYE  +B13  +W11  +B9   =W3   +B7   
  2 Rodriguez,Juan Talav 2171      WA  6.0 | +B17  +W9   +B7   -W3   +W8   +BYE  +B12  
  3 Maris,Robert         2039      WA  6.0 | +W18  +B10  +W12  +B2   +W4   =B1   =W6   
  4 Elkington,Derek      2016      WA  5.0 | +B19  +W11  +B8   +W6   -B3   -BYE  +W14  
  5 Janceski,Alex        1948      WA  3.5 | +W20  -B12  -W6   +B24  -W18  +W11  =B15  
  6 Leonhardt,Wolfgang   1858      WA  4.5 | +B21  =W13  +B5   -B4   =W22  +W15  =B3   
  7 Tomic,Nedeljko       1827      WA  4.0 | +W22  +B14  -W2   +B10  -W12  +B18  -W1   
  8 Shaw,Robin A         1813      WA  4.0 | +B23  +BYE  -W4   +W21  -B2   -B12  +W18  
  9 Hurst,Benjamin       1750      WA  4.0 | +W24  -B2   +W17  +B14  -W1   =B22  =B16  
 10 Wolstencroft,Alan    1748      WA  4.5 | +B25  -W3   +B19  -W7   =W13  +B17  +W22  
 11 Simonds,Marcus       1683      WA  2.5 | +W26  -B4   +W18  -B1   =W17  -B5   -W23  
 12 Doshi,Chirag         1650      WA  5.0 | +B27  +W5   -B3   +W20  +B7   +W8   -W2   
 13 Gale,Brian           1611      WA  4.0 | +W28  =B6   -W1   +W30  =B10  -B14  +W21  
 14 Garang,Kuol Awan     1517      WA  4.0 | +B30  -W7   +B31  -W9   +B19  +W13  -B4   
 15 Ristovsky,Kelly      1500     AUS  3.5 | +W31  -B18  -BYE  +W27  +B21  -B6   =W5   
 16 Massam,Justin        1484      WA  4.0 | -B1   =BYE  -W24  +B25  +B27  +BYE  =W9   
 17 Walker,Colin         1395      WA  2.5 | -W2   +B24  -B9   +W29  =B11  -W10  -B19  
 18 Brooke,John          1365      WA  3.0 | -B3   +W15  -B11  +W31  +B5   -W7   -B8   
 19 Howard,Mark          1359      WA  4.0 | -W4   +B26  -W10  +B28  -W14  +B24  +W17  
 20 Browning,Thomas      1270      WA  2.5 | -B5   -BYE  -W28  -B12  +W26  =BYE  +W30  
 21 Lee,Su-Ann           1180      WA  3.0 | -W6   +B28  +W25  -B8   -W15  +B30  -B13  
 22 Boswarva,Ernest      1160      WA  3.5 | -B7   +W29  +BYE  =BYE  =B6   =W9   -B10  
 23 Laubbacher,Jamie     1147      WA  3.5 | -W8   -BYE  =BYE  +B26  +W30  -BYE  +B11  
 24 Powell,Darren    (W) 1107      WA  2.0 | -B9   -W17  +B16  -W5   +B29  -W19   --   
 25 Frankland,David M    1099      WA  2.5 | -W10  =BYE  -B21  -W16  +B31  -W28  +B29  
 26 Owen,Geoffrey        1009      WA  0.0 | -B11  -W19  -B29  -W23  -B20  -W27  -W31  
 27 Lanham,Bruce         1000     AUS  2.0 | -W12  -B30  +BYE  -B15  -W16  +B26  -W28  
 28 Overste,Brian         986      WA  3.5 | -B13  -W21  +B20  -W19  =BYE  +B25  +B27  
 29 Dutrenit,Herve        819      WA  2.0 |  --   -B22  +W26  -B17  -W24  +B31  -W25  
 30 Lucas,Gordon          636      WA  1.5 | -W14  +W27  =BYE  -B13  -B23  -W21  -B20  
 31 Waugh,Tracy           544      WA  2.0 | -B15  +BYE  -W14  -B18  -W25  -W29  +B26  

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Chess coaching
Chess coaching sessions by Alan Wolstencroft will start on 1st May based on Simon Webb’s book “Chess for Tigers”. Each session will start at 6:45pm. Chess for Tigers tells you how to make the most of your playing strength, how to play on your opponent’s weaknesses, how to steer the game into a position which suits you and not your opponent, how to get results against strong opposition, how to avoid silly mistakes ... For junior chess see the Kingsley Juniors Chess Club at the foot of this page, and/or contact the Chess Association of WA President Alan Wolstencroft, phone 9446 5282 or email <alan.wolstencroft@perthchessclub.org.au> for alternative junior coaching options.

The <Links> page has been updated.

2019 Rapid Play Championship
This free, unrated 6 rounds, 25 minutes each per game, Swiss tournament, which ran from 27 March to 3 April, is completed. Final results are on the Results page: <2019 Rapid Play Championship>. Placegetters were: 1st Juan Rodriguez, 5.5/6; =2nd Wolf Leonhardt, Robin Shaw, and Chirag Doshi, 4.5/6.

2019 Ratings Groups (8 player divisions)
This rated, 7 rounds, tournament in 8 player ratings groups is completed. Final results are on the Results Rapid Play Championship: <Division A>, <Division B>, <Division C> and <Division D>. From DOP Rob Maris: "A record 36 players played in 4 groups, the winners were: `A' Juan Rodriguez 6.5/7 (only draw to Wolfgang Leonhardt, 2nd Derwent Maggs 5.5), `B' Leonard Mechlowski 6/7 (draws with 2nd Brian Gale 5.5 & 3rd Ben Hurst 5), `C' Tom Browning 5/7 (2nd Kelly Ristovsky 4.5, others all 2.5 or more!), `D' Meath Gale & Kaustav Bhowmick 6/7 (3rd Darren Powell 5.5, out of 12 players).".

Special General Meeting on 13 March at 7:30 pm.
A Special General Meeting was held on Wednesday 13 March at 7:30 pm before the Eight Player Divisions catch up and the Non-Eight Player Divisions catch up Rapid Play. Members voted on the following motion:

"The Perth Chess Club resolves that club members are no longer required to be members of the Chess Association of Western Australia and as a consequence future tournaments will be internally rated."

The motion was lost.

At the end of the meeting Steve Jones announced his resignation from the Perth Chess Club, effective immediately, as he could not in good conscience pay the 50% increase from $20 to $30 membership to the Chess Association of Western Australia, which has $18,000 in reserves. Jones said he would continue to maintain this the Club's website until a replacement Webmaster was found.

2019 Rapid Play (Non-Eight Player Divisions catch up)
This tournament was not played..

Resignation of Fred Maris
As members were advised by email, Fred Maris has resigned as club President and also as a member of the Perth Chess Club. The Vice-President, Steve Jones will be Acting President until July's AGM or before that if the Committee decides otherwise. Rob Maris will replace Fred as DOP of the current Eight Player Divisions tournament. Other tournaments in the Calendar that Fred was to be DOP are "To be advised". We wish Fred a long, healthy and happy retirement from the stress of chess!

Photos of the 2017 Windup Prizegiving have now been added to the <Photos page>. More photos of the 2018 Windup Prizegiving have been added. The remaining 2018 photos will not be added.

Perth Chess Club Constitution
A PDF version of the <Perth Chess Club Constitution> is available for viewing and printing.

2019 Allegro Championship
This free 9 rounds, 15 minutes each player per game, which ran for 2 weeks from 16 January to 23 January, is completed. Final results are on the Results page: <2019 Allegro Championship>. Placegetters were 1st Derwent Maggs 8.5/9, 2nd Steve Jones 7/9 and Juan Rodriguez 6.5/9.

2018 Wind-up prize-giving
Trophies presented were: Ernest Boswarva FIDE U1400. David Frankland FIDE U1100. Bob Ruse Mary Thomson Cup `C'. Marcel Salgardo Six Player `D'. Su-Ann Lee Club Championship U1200. Tom Browning Eight Player `C'. John Brooke Mary Thomson Cup `C'. David Hounsome Eight Player `C'. Mark Howard Club Championship U1400. Justin Massam Club Championship U1800. Ben Hurst Mary Thomson Cup `B'. Marcus Simonds FIDE U1800. Robin Shaw Six Player `B'. Alex Janceski Club Championship 1st. Derwent Maggs Six Player `A'. Brian Overste FIDE U1100 & Eight Player `D'. Geoff Owen Club Championship U1200 & Eight Player `D'. Darren Powell Club Championship U1200 & Mary Thomson Cup `D'. Colin Walker Eight Player `C' & Mary Thomson Cup `C'. Fred Maris Club Championship U1800 & FIDE U1800. Barry David Six Player `C' Eight Player `B' & Most improved player. Brian Gale Club Championship U1800 & Eight Player `B'. Derek Elkington Club Championship 1st & FIDE 1st. Juan Rodriguez Eight Player `A', FIDE 1st & Mary Thomson Cup `A'.
Perpetual trophies presented were: Perth Club FIDE trophy Juan Rodriguez & Derek Elkington. Mary Thomson Cup Juan Rodriguez. Lightning Yihe Fu (Rebo). Allegro Rob Maris. Fixed Opening Derek Elkington. Club Championship Derek Elkington & Alex Janceski. Chess clock Club Champions.

FIDE Laws of Chess 2018 update
There was a FIDE (International Chess Federation) Laws of Chess update, taking effect from 1 January 2018. To view click on the link above or its copy here: <FIDE Laws of Chess 2018>.

Perth Chess Club rules for formal games
The "<Perth Chess Club rules for formal games>" PDF were updated to include: "6) If your opponent makes an illegal move and presses the clock, it is usually reasonable to point this out to your opponent and press the clock (so you gain the increment time, ie. 30 seconds). Alternatively, you do have the option of stopping the clock and summoning the DOP who will award you an extra 2 minutes (FIDE Article 7)." These rules apply to all Perth Chess Club games (rated and unrated), except casual games."

With the resignation of Steve Jones as a member of the Perth Chess Club (see above), he can no longer be the Club Librarian.

2018 Annual General Meeting
The 2018 Perth Chess Club AGM was held on Wednesday 4 July 2018. Membership stands at 45. Existing office-bearers were re-elected unopposed: President - Fred Maris; Vice-President - Steve Jones; Secretary - David Hounsome; Tournaments Officer - Rob Maris; Publicity Officer - Lindsay Bordas; Webmaster and Librarian - Steve Jones. The draft 2019 Calendar of Events was approved. Fees for 2019 were approved at the existing levels: Club membership $60, plus CAWA $20, total $80.

Kingsley Juniors Chess Club
Kingsley Junior Club meets at North Woodvale Primary School from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on Tuesdays during school terms. Contact Norbert Muller, tel. 9409 9579 or email <norbert.muller@iinet.net.au>

For any rescheduling of games or contact details of members, please contact Rob Maris. Tel. 0434 018 624 or email <rob.maris@perthchessclub.org.au>.