Welcome to the Perth Chess Club

North Woodvale Primary School, 4 Chichester Drive (Cnr Trappers Drive), Woodvale WA 6026

Perth Chess Club is a senior club based in the Northern Suburbs. We meet each Wednesday from mid-January to early December. For most of the year, players compete in ACF-rated tournaments that involve playing one game per week at a slow time control.

Information about the club, including a map of its location, is available on the <Club Info> page.

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Norbert Muller Cup


Games from round six of the Norbert Muller Cup are available for viewing and download (PGN) on the Tournament page.

2023 Australian Open Championships


Dear Chessplayers,

The biennial Australian Open Championships is one of Australia's premier chess events. From 2nd-10th January 2023, this event will be run by the Chess Association of Western Australia, on behalf of the Australian Chess Federation.

The 2023 Australian Open will be a GM norm tournament, the first event in this category to be held on Australian shores since 2020. It will be an 11 round Swiss, open to all players regardless of rating.

The 2023 Australian Minor is another 11 round Swiss tournament, running parallel to the Australian Open. The Minor is restricted to players rated below 1500 FIDE (or 1600 ACF, for players without a FIDE rating).

The event will take place in the beautiful Rendezvous Hotel Perth Scarborough. Players will be able to enjoy Scarborough's perfect beach, art projects, outdoor heated swimming pool, children's playgrounds, laid-back cafes, and a wide range of restaurants and vibrant bars along the beachside. There will also be some of the best chess that you will find anywhere. It has the makings of a memorable tournament.

Attached to this communication is a promotional flyer, which holds the answers to a range of initial questions regarding the tournament.

For further information, you might also visit our website.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with me by email (2023auschessopen@gmail.com) or by phone.

Please forward this message to anyone you know who may be interested in participating.

Kind regards,

Andrew Hardegen
Chief Organiser – 2023 Australian Open
(+61) 407 421 084

Ratings update


The <Ratings page> has been updated with the latest PCC, ACF, and FIDE ratings.

Wolfgang Leonhardt Cup and John Brooke Cup


Report from Dylan Gough:

The Wolfgang Leonhardt Cup and John Brooke Cup events are now concluded and there has been some quality chess played.

As we now journey into follow up events, let me fill you in on the standings in both events.

Firstly, the Wolfgang Leonhardt Cup. Going into round 7, a number of possibilities on the top boards could have brought about a different result but in the end, when the dust settled the top 3 placings were as follows:

1st, 5.5/7: Saminda De Vas
2nd, 5.5/7: Iker Hernandez Mendez

A strong win against Marc Saxon in the last round was enough to secure third place for Derwent Maggs (5.0/7) on countback ahead of Jacob Gibson (also 5.0/7).

Well done to all the players and to the three place getters, well played.

In the John Brooke Cup, after the final round there was a standout winner with 6 out of 7 points. Well done to Thomas Browning.

Only one point behind on 5 out of 7 and clear 2nd was Darren Powell.

Third after countback with a great tournament was Justin Massam on 4.5 out of 7.

Well done to all players and congratulations to the three place getters. Well played.

Cross tables, along with games available for viewing and download (PGN), are on the <Tournament page>.

This week we have the Fischer Random Tournament, which will be followed by the return match of the Bernard Anton and then the Norbert Muller Cup.

Life membership for Victor Markou


At its Annual General Meeting earlier this year, the Perth Chess Club awarded life membership to long-time member Victor Markou. The Member Profiles page now contains an entry for Victor, along with a draw he made against former world champion Max Euwe in a simul in 1972.

Harris-Edwardes Interclub


The Perth Chess Club has won the B and C divisions of this year's Harris-Edwardes Interclub tournament! Southern Suburbs won the A division, with Perth finishing third. Games from the B Division are available for viewing and download (PGN).

Fred Maris Cup


(Update: Games from the final round are now available on the <Tournament page>.)

Report from Rob Maris:

The Fred Maris Cup had 40 players competing in six rating groups with a time control of 50 mins plus 30 secs per move.

The "A" group was a 6-round swiss consisting of 16 players. In round 5 Marc Saxon defeated Iker Hernandez Mendez in an exciting game to go a point clear. However, in the last round Jacob Gibson defeated Marc whilst Iker defeated Daniel Clarke. This resulted in Marc and Iker sharing first place on 4.5/6, with Jacob third and Daniel equal fourth with an unbeaten Derek Roebuck. Stephen Phillip made an outstanding return to competitive chess, joining the "A" group in round 4 to score 2.5/3.

The final game of the "B" group between Yonal and Steven decided the winner. Yonal triumphed to win with 4/5; his only loss was to Charles Knight, who is also improving and finished second on 3.5/5.

Miles Sowden was leading the "C" group with 3/4 going into the last round. However, he was beaten by Justin Massam, so Martin Leech was able to overtake Miles to win the group with 3.5/5.

Going into the last round of the "D" group, Jake Watson and Darren Powell were both on 4/4. Darren was victorious to win the group, plus as the only player to win all of his games, Darren is the winner of the Fred Maris Perpetual Trophy. In his first rated tournament at the club, 11-year-old Dominic Davoll played impressively and scored 3/5 to finish third.

Ridge Kwenda went into the last round of the "E" group a point clear on 4/4. However, young Senudi defeated Ridge to share first place with him on 4/5.

The games are on the <Tournament page>; Daniel has kindly been entering these each week.

Allegro Championship


Report from Rob Maris:

The Allegro Championship was an 8-round swiss held over 2 weeks at the time control of 15 mins plus 3 secs per move.

Derwent was sole leader on 4/4 after the first week. However, in round 5 Marc Saxon defeated him to take the lead. Then in round 6 Marc was held to a draw by Alex Janceski, so Derwent was able to catch him up. Then in the final round Marc was beaten by Saminda De Vas who finished 2nd with him, whilst Derwent came 1st. Alex Janceski shared equal 4th with Josh Davoll and Vasil Nikolov. This tournament attracted 32 players, who competed in a good atmosphere and the tournament will be ACF Quick rated. Please see the cross-table for all players' results on the <Tournament page>.

Ratings update


The <Ratings page> has been updated with the June PCC, ACF, and FIDE ratings.

Perth Club Championship


(Update: Games from round 7 are now available on the <Tournament page>.)

Report from Rob Maris:

An excellent turn out of 41 players took part in the Perth Club Championship, a 7-round swiss that is also FIDE rated.

This is the only normal rated tournament where players are in one swiss, so it gives members the chance to play those they don't usually meet (leading to plenty of upsets).

Derwent Maggs is the club champion after defeating Marc Saxon in the final round to score 6.5/7.

Jacob Gibson was an impressive second after winning against Alex Janceski in a instructive endgame.

Equal third were Marc Saxon, David Barry and Yonal De Vas, with Alex Janceski 6th.

As can be seen from the cross-table, a few of the other players that performed far above their rating: Ernest Boswarva scored 4 points, including a win over Ross List, plus draws with Dylan Gough and the out of form Rob Maris. Kuol Garang started with 3/3 which included early wins over Robert Stortz and Ross List, so faced a tough field. Sebastian Gough, although rated 40th, was able to win 3 games.

With thanks to Daniel Clarke and David Barry, the games are available to play on the <Tournament page>.

This tournament is included in the June ratings; only one new player (Ahmad) does not yet have a FIDE rating.

Lightning Championship; Fixed Openings


Report from Rob Maris:

The Lightning Championship had 29 players competing in a 7 round swiss with 5 mins plus 2 secs per move. Derwent Maggs finished first on 6/7 ahead of Rob Maris and Alex Janceski.

The Fixed Openings tournament had a different opening for each of the 5 rounds, thanks to organiser Alan Wolsencroft. Marc Saxon had an impressive victory over Derwent Maggs in the last round to finish first.

Mary Thomson Cup


Report from Rob Maris:

The MT Cup consisted of 34 players that were allocated into 4 rating groups.

A feature of this tournament was the games being available to view on the <Tournament page>, with thanks to Daniel Clarke and David Barry.

The "A" was a 10 player swiss that was won by Derwent Maggs on 6.5/7, his only draw being to Gyula Plaganyi. Gyula finished third just behind Rob Maris on 5.

In the "B" Chirag Doshi triumphed with 5.5/6, his only draw to Dylan Gough. Dylan shared 2nd place with Tristan Weijermars on 3.5/6.

The top two players in the "C" are clearly improving players: 1st was Ashley Michael on 6/7 with Charles Knight 2nd on 5/7.

Before the last round of the "D", only 1.5 points (4/6 to 2.5/6) separated all 8 players! In the final round Norbert Muller triumphed to finish 1st on 5/7 with Manfred Young 2nd on 4.5.

Please see the cross-tables on the <Tournament page> for further details of the Mary Thomson Cup.

Ratings and Calendar update


The <Calendar of Events> has been changed: the dates of the Lightning Championship (now 6 April) and the Bernard Anton match (now 5 October) have been swapped.

The <Ratings page> has been updated with the March ACF and FIDE ratings.

Club in recess; ratings update


The club is in recess for the rest of the year, and will re-open with an Allegro Open tournament starting on 12 January. The <Calendar of Events> is now available for 2022.

Some photos from the trophy presentations are available on the <Photos page>.

The <Ratings page> has been updated with the December PCC and ACF ratings.

Norbert Muller Cup


Report from Rob Maris:

The first Norbert Muller Cup was extremely well supported by members with 39 participating in a friendly and competitive manner. The B, C and D groups consisted of 8-player all-play-all groups, whilst the A group was a 7-round swiss of 15 players.

In the A group Derwent Maggs scored a perfect 7/7, 2.5 points clear of equal 2nd place that was shared between unrated Josh Davoll, Rob Maris and improving junior Iker Hernandez Mendez.

The last round of the B group saw Ernest Boswarva defeat Steven Hintz to finish equal first with him on 5.5/7, a point ahead of 3rd placed Franz Oswald who joined the club from Melbourne.

In the C group top-rated Colin Walker was 1st with 6.5/7 conceding a draw to Ashley Michael. Ashley was the lowest rated player in this group, but is clearly improving as he scored 4.5/7 to finish 3rd with John Brooke. New member Morgan Larkin from USA came 2nd on 5/7.

Manfred Young was highest scorer in the D group with 6/7, his only loss coming in the last round to new member Jake Watson who was 2nd on 5.5/7. Another newish member Ridge Kwenda was equal 3rd with young Senudi De Vas on 4.5/7.

Congratulations to the highest scoring player Derwent Maggs; he is the first player to have his name engraved on the Norbert Muller Cup. For details of all players' scores please see the <Tournament page>.

Ratings update


The <Ratings page> has been updated with the September PCC and October FIDE ratings.

Wolfgang Leonhardt Cup and John Brooke Cup


Report from Rob Maris:

The Wolfgang Leonhardt Cup & John Brooke Cup attracted a total of 38 players. This consisted of 14 players in the higher rated Wolfgang Leonhardt Cup and 24 players in the John Brooke Cup.

In the Wolfgang Leonhardt Cup, Marc Saxon was impressive winning his first 6 games. Marc was held to a draw in the final round by Peter De Yaak who came 2nd on 4.5/7. Two of the lowest rated players, Daniel Clarke and Marcus Ingram-Halford, performed well above their rating scoring 3.5 and 3 respectively.

In the John Brooke Cup it was a close fascinating battle at the top with the lead changing from Justin Massam to Miles Sowden then to Steven Hintz. Steven finished 1st on 6/7 with Yonal De Vas 2nd on 5.5 and Kuol Garang 3rd on 5/7. Three new members competed: Martin Leech 4/7, Matthew Dudek 4/7, Ridge Kwenda 2/7. Martin and Matthew will also gain a FIDE rating, as will Charles Knight and Ashley Michael.

Please see the <Tournament page> for the cross-tables showing how all players scored.

Ratings update


The <Ratings page> has been updated with the August PCC and September ACF ratings.

Calendar update


The <Calendar of Events> has had a slight change: the problem solving competition will no longer be held, and the Lightning Championship will be played at a 5min+3sec increment time control instead of 3min+2sec.

Fred Maris Trophy


Report from Rob Maris:

The first Fred Maris Trophy rated tournament attracted 34 players, a really good turn-out for a Winter tournament. It was pleasing to see Ross List and Norbert Muller making a welcome return to a rated tournament at the club. There were 4 all-play-all groups of 6 players and the "A" group was a 10-player 5-round swiss.

The winner of the Fred Maris Trophy with 5/5 was Yonal de Vas. The top scoring player in each group was: "A" Rob Maris 4.5/5, "B" Daniel Clarke 4.5/5, "C" Yonal de Vas 5/5, "D" Darren Powell 4/5, "E" Geoffrey Owen 4.5/5.

Each of the all-play-all groups was won by the second highest rated player. In the "A" swiss there were many draws, including Robert Stortz drawing every game. For the full results please see the <Tournament page>.

Bernard Anton Shield


Report from Alan Wolstencroft:

Perth Chess Club retained the Bernard Anton Shield with a convincing win over the Metro Chess Club 21.5 to 14.5, a very similar result to that of the earlier home match in June. The combined 2021 score was 43.5 (Perth Chess Club) to 28.5 (Metro Chess Club).

As usual there was a friendly spirit during the match despite the intensity of some of the games.

Calendar update


Following the recent closure of the club due to the COVID restrictions, the <Calendar of Events> has been amended. The Rapid Play Championship has been removed from 21 & 28 July and replaced with the Fred Maris Trophy.

Ratings update


The <Ratings page> has been updated with the June PCC, ACF, and FIDE ratings.

Club Championship


Report from Rob Maris:

The 2021 Perth Chess Club Championship had 38 players competing in a 7 round swiss that was also FIDE rated. With the swiss format this gave players the opportunity to play against those they do not usually meet in the all-play-all tournaments.

In round 6 Marc Saxon achieved a draw with black in a long game against Derwent Maggs. This meant that Derwent went into the final round with black against David Barry who was sharing the lead. Derwent triumphed to finish 1st on 6/7 with Marc and Derek Elkington in equal 2nd place.

Amongst the other impressive performers, with wins and draws against higher rated players, were Marcus Simonds, Iker Hernandez Mendez, John Brooke and Darren Powell. All players' results can be observed from the cross-table on the <Tournament page>.

Calendar update


Following the recent closure of the club for one week due to the COVID restrictions, the <Calendar of Events> has been amended.

Ratings update


The <Ratings page> has been updated with the March/April PCC, ACF, and FIDE ratings.

Mary Thomson Cup


Report from Rob Maris:

The Mary Thomson Cup consisted of 40 players that were split into 4 groups: the "A" was a 16 player 7 round swiss, whilst the "B", "C", "D" were all-play-all groups of 8 players.

"A": Derwent Maggs showed why he is rated about 2200 with a convincing performance to secure 1st place on 6.5/7. Derwent was 1.5 points clear of Chirag Doshi and Rob Maris in equal 2nd. Marc Saxon made a welcome return to tournament chess after a break of over 10 years, he achieved 50% despite playing against the top 3 scorers. New member Marcus Ingram-Halford was also impressive scoring 4/7. Highly rated Rebo found playing at two clubs too tiring and withdrew after draws with Kelly Ristovsky and David Barry and a loss to John Barber.

"B": New member Daniel Clarke triumphed in some level looking endgames to win all 7 games. Thomas Browning and Mark Howard shared 2nd place with 4.5.

"C": Ernest Boswarva was on fine form to finish 1st on 5.5, his only loss was to new member Brandon Barry. Brandon was second on 5 after being held to a draw in the last round by improving junior Yonal De Vas. Ernest's only draw was to another new member Matt Carroll who came 3rd with 4.5.

"D": Brian Overste was successful in taking out 1st place, also with 5.5/7. Brian was just half a point ahead of Mike Rennie and Gordon Lucas.

Please see the <Tournament page> for details of all players' results.

Calendar update


Following the recent one-week lockdown, the <Calendar of Events> has been amended.

Allegro Championship


Report from Rob Maris:

The Allegro Championship was an 8-round swiss held over two weeks (13 & 20 Jan). This attracted an excellent turn-out of 40 players, that enjoyed plenty of games after the Christmas break.

We ended up with a 3-way tie for equal first on 6.5/8: Yihe Fu (Rebo), Saminda De Vas, Derek Elkington. Just half a point behind them were Derwent Maggs and Jamie Laubbacher.

The Allegro seems to be a popular tournament to start off the new year and helps to assess the appropriate rating group for players new to the club.

For any rescheduling of games or contact details of members, please contact Rob Maris. Tel. 0434 018 624 or email <rob.maris@perthchessclub.org.au>.